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Nov 05, 2014

Find Cheapest

Our product finds application Check the Internet from an advanced Barcode and QR Code Reader and offers you starting from the cheapest.

The settings section to use our application as efficiently and you should check the help section.

In practice, practice time you read barcodes or open the browser to redirect to the page qrkod s automatically find you selected will show you the product prices and the prices of the products you studied.

Our practice has 5 different search options, so if you have this kind of problems or lack of finding the product price. “SETTINGS” by entering the section, you can try selecting a different search engine from the SEARCH SITE tab.

The food in our application, you may not get the fruitful results of the barcodes of products such as cleaning. In the settings section to find prices for these products should be chosen Google.

You can share deals with your friends you found.


– You can use our products in applications other than a standard barcode reader.
– Vcard can use the directory to save the barcode reading the phone book or to search directly.

Scans can be used again by finding the part you read barcodes.

Please let us know your suggestions and problems you are having.

Where can I use?

You go to a different company or a technology to market. You encounter a product that you like and would like to, but do not have information about the market price, or you do research. Here you can see exactly where the product’s market price by reading the barcode or QR code, you can avoid making more spending.


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