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Sep 02, 2018

Smart SEO App Privacy Policy

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Smart SEO Android App

This privacy policy explains the permissions used by the Smart SEO Android Application (com.webstar.seo) in use and the purpose for which those permissions are used.

Our application does not store and share any personal data with third parties. All data collected is information that is necessary for the application to operate and is only used technically by the device.

1) Access Fine Location: 

Our application only uses the status and identity of your device for the IP address lookup tool. This information is not stored and is strictly not shared. It only shows instant information.

2) Internet Access:

Our application needs internet connection so you can get data using SEO tools.

3) Read and Write External Storage:

Our application offers you the possibility to save your report in some SEO tools. For this reason, your device will reach the storage area and save the data you exported. There is no ability to read or receive different data in your storage area.

4) Vibrate and Message:

Our application uses this feature in notification system, which is used to announce innovations and new SEO tools to you.


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