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Mar 11, 2017

Walkie Talkie App Privacy Policiy

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Walkie Talkie Android App

This privacy policy explains the permissions used by the Walkie Talkie Android App (com.webstar.walkies) in use and the purpose for which those permissions are used.

Our application does not store and share any personal data with third parties. All data collected is information that is necessary for the application to operate and is only used technically by the device.

1) Reading the Status and ID of the Device: 

The Walkie Talkie application uses the status and identity of your device only for recognition and data transmission to communicate with the other device. This information is not stored.

2) Voice Recording:

Walkie Talkie Application records your voice to forward to the other device. Recorded sounds can not be stored and shared with third parties.

3) Viewing Network Connections:

Walkie Talkie Application needs network connection to communicate your voice via wi-fi connection. Use your device’s network connection options to provide network connectivity.

4) Full Network Access:

Walkie Talkie Application makes voice transmission between devices via network connection. For this reason, the application provides access to your device’s network connection.

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